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Officia has been providing the most comfortable and fine-fitting jersey and kilt to female lacrosse and field hockey officials for years.  Our products are all proudly made in USA.

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Wrist Stopwatch for Referees


Wrist Stopwatch for Referees


Referee Stopwatch

  • One touch preset of 10, 15, and 45 min. countdowns.
  • Dual display shows time remaining and original preset time.
  • Enter time value from one sec. to 99 min./59 sec.
  • Game timer beeps upon completion, then counts up for total time.
  • Stopwatch with 1.100 second precision to 100 hours, multiple splits.
  • Time of day, alarm and calendar.
  • EL backlight, and water resistant to 50 meters.
  • One year warranty: lithium battery
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