Officia Invites You to TELL YOUR STORY!

From our vantage point as the only USA manufacturers of Women Officials Wear, we are taking notice of the advancement of women in this arena. We are so proud of the growth women continue to make in the world of officiating. So many referees and umpires have worked diligently every game assigned to open doors for fellow women.

 A couple of key notes on past accomplishments.

  • In 1904, Amanda Clement was the first woman to get paid to umpire a baseball game. 

  • A mere 68 years later in 1972, Bernice Gera followed as the first woman to 
umpire a professional baseball game. 

  • And here we are today with a deep bow of respect to Sarah Thomas, who after 19 years of officiating, achieved another first for women officiating the Super Bowl 2021! 

We celebrate each and every one of you!

We know there are many stories and so much wisdom that we can benefit from as female officials. 
We invite you to share YOUR story!! Your journey, your passion for the sport, your achievements and your challenges.

We believe that telling our stories brings insight, encouragement to the readers and that the collective wisdom will provide others with insights, new perspectives and possibly a smile or laugh of understanding. 

We will share your stories on our Officia blog. You can do this by simply sending us an email! Would you please invite your peers to also share their story? If anyone would like to share but prefers to remain anonymous, we will honor that request. This gathering of stories will be fun and inspiring and something we hope will develop into a unique “go to” online place to read, learn and celebrate each other.

Any nugget of experience would be fun for all of us to hear about.