About Us

Officia has it's roots in women's sports with the unique and unmet needs that female athletes have.

Our Mission:  To be the best company catering exclusively to female athletes

Our Purpose:  Through sport women have the opportunity to become their best self.

Our Core Values:  Women who love sport and the benefit derived by sport founded Officia.  Sport is core to women's health and well being. Officia strives to empower women and to provide the most appropriate apparel and gear women need to do the job at hand.  An example of this is designing and patenting a batting helmet for girls and women to accomodate a ponytail.  Batters helmets only considered boys and men in the design.  The founder of Officia designed and patented a batting helmet for girls and women who wore a ponytail (US Patent 5,535,454 & 5,666,670, Canadian Patent 2,155,061).

At Officia we strive to always look for ways to make things better for female athletes-no matter the age or the sport.