Officia:  Product Selection with you in Mind!

Officia: Product Selection with you in Mind!


Ever Wonder how we at Officia pick products?  It's why we launched in the first place.  We put women first!


Why We Started

Officia selects products based on what are proven athletic products for female athletes.  If you are actively playing your sport, officiating the sport you love or participating in a sport as your busy life allows, having the right product should not stand in the way of achieving your greatest athletic potential.  

That's how Officia started!  Our sister company, Designer Sports works with athletic teams helping with uniforms and equipment and our primary focus is on female athletes.  We assembled the best stable of products from dozens of manufacturers that focused on female athletes.  Moving forward from that experience and identifying a need for gender specific gear for female officials and referees we either manufacture or work with other manufacturers to bring the most authentic women's official's gear under one umbrella.  

How We Do it Right

We are scouring our stable of manufacturers and always looking for new manufacturers who understand the female athlete and the unique needs women have to play and participate in the sport they love.

We are continuously being asked if we have a certain product to solve a certain issue for an athlete.  If we are not personally aware of a product that would address the problem, we reach out to the dozens and dozens of companies we do business with. 

We understand that manufacturers make money by catering to a large segment of the market.  Many manufacturers use the term "unisex" for their products.  In reality, unisex is cut from a man's pattern.  Unisex is not for women.  Officia is in search of gear designed and made for women.  It's that simple. 

Our Products

An example of the detail we address with our officials jerseys is the trim we use on our jerseys.  The collar of the jersey rubs the neck and face of the wearer and we have gone to great lengths to find a trim fabric that is soft and subtle.  This is an example of a small but significant improvement we offer with our jerseys.  As we know, sometimes it's the little things that matter.  You told us what you wanted and we found it!

We offer specific officials products such as jerseys, kilts, women's compression shorts, visors, athletic bras, Fox whistles, officials facemasks, backpacks, fitness gear and more.  We always make sure the products are:


 -Gender specific

 -Serves a purpose

 -Has been proven to be worthwhile

 -Designed and made for women


Help Us By Suggesting Products You Know

We would love to be your resource if you're looking for something sports/athletic related that you just can't find.  If we can't find it we've been known to make it! Have suggestions on products? Want us to find something for you? Reach out with your requests by sending us an email!