The Active Lifestyles of Women Referees

Being a woman’s referee ( means that an off field/off court active lifestyle is a must. The benefits of an active lifestyle goes beyond waking up the day after a grueling game without any significant aches and pains. The physical and emotional benefit provide you with calorie burning (your calorie burning amount depends on your level of fitness and other considerations but you can easily burn 300-600 calories per game).

Stress buster is another benefit of a healthy women’s referee lifestyle as well as mental sharpness. As a woman referee you’re expected to make split second decisions and being physically fit contributes to this mental efficiency and the mental exercise can do wonders for your overall brain health.

A healthy and active lifestyle also benefits women referees because socially and physically active women have a lower risk for dementia and age related cognitive decline. Women referees share a common interest with other men and women and feeling connected over that common interest.

Women referees who lead an active lifestyle benefit in their overall health. The American Heart Association says 150 minutes of moderate activity or 75 minutes of vigorous activity per week will help lower your blood pressure, boost good cholesterol and help with weight control.

An active lifestyle for women referees also contributes to good quality sleep. Mental and physical challenges take place while a women referee is on duty. Officiating a game challenges the mind and body and provides an avenue for quality restful sleep. Women referees who have experienced good quality sleep crave healthy foods that provide good quality energy with positive long term health benefits.

The importance of staying active as we age is critical to our overall physical and emotional health and our ability to live independently.  The CDC reports that by age 75 one in three men and one in two women engage in no physical activity. Adults age 65 and older walking, yard work and gardening are the most popular physical activities.   Older adults can gain significant health benefits from moderate, daily activity. Older adults who have not embraced the idea of any sort of exercise and now would like to see what this is about, starting with a 5-10 minute walk is a great way to begin.

Women referees who are active throughout their lives reap the physical and emotional benefit of exercise as they age. The physical benefits are numerous but the benefit of physical activity to our emotional well being is well documented. The same endorphins that make you feel so good when you exercise are the same that help you concentrate and feel mentally ready for what comes your way.  Not only that perk but exercise also stimulates the growth of new brain cells. In addition, even a small amount of exercise can help with your sleep and will give you more energy. When faced with an emotional or mental challenge exercise helps build resilience.  In fact a Swedish study found that being physical active was the number one contributor to adding longevity to your life.

Being a woman referee has many benefits. You get to see the game you love from a different perspective than anyone else. The quick pace of the game and the need to make a split second call keeps your mind sharp and nimble. Your training as a woman referee keeps your physical and mental condition ready to take on the challenge and stand by your call.   You provide the cadence to the game that keep the athletes, fans, coaches and other officials razor sharp and ready to play the full duration of the competition.