World Class Officials

World Class Officials

A total of 121 officials from 17 countries to participate in major international events in 2022 

World Lacrosse announced the 121 officials who will cover three international events in 2022. The World Lacrosse Women's Championship, The World Games and the World Lacrosse Men's U21 Championship. The roster of officials represent 17 National Federations from around the world.

Don Blacklock, WL board technical director, said: “Being selected to participate in a world championship or international multi-sport event is testament to the dedication and abilities of these officials, who have committed significant time and resources to the growth and development of the sport around the globe.” 

Tom Sutton, WL Officiating Committee chair, said: “This impressive group of officials hails from all over the world and represents the best in our sport. World Lacrosse thanks the talented members of this team for their commitment to ensuring that the competition at our events is truly world class.” 

The 2022 World Lacrosse Women’s World Championship officials will be led by Lauren Charwat (USA), chair of the World Lacrosse Women’s Officiating Subcommittee, along with Rala Heinen (USA), Wendy Reynolds (ENG) and Colleen Spiegelhoff (USA).